Choosing the Best Residential/Home Dehumidifier For Your Needs

The first question to ask is, what do you need? How big is your house and how many of the rooms suffer from damp? You can answer this question by wandering around with a humidity meter (hygrometer), or just look for the symptoms of excess humidity.

If more than two or three rooms require attention, it may be better to choose a whole house dehumidifier. There are many advantages and disadvantages to whole house solutions, which have been described on a separate page. Click here for details.

For one or two rooms, smaller dehumidifiers are usually the better choice. These come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from miniature portable models to large fitted cabinets. What you buy will usually be determined by the size of room and how much dehumidification is required. Small and portable can be a big advantage (click here for details), so you should also consider two small machines as a replacement for a large one.

Some rooms have special requirements. Basements for examples tend to suffer much more from damp than other rooms, so they require more vigorous treatment. Bathrooms have more strict electrical safety rules. You may want a noise free option for the bedroom to help you sleep, or maybe just some moisture absorbing crystals for the closet.

In order to decide what sort of dehumidifier fits the needs of a particular room, it is important to understand all the features that are available. So have a quick look at the recommended features page. (click here).

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