Closet Dehumidifiers

A different type of dehumidifier is available for closets and other confined spaces. There is nothing worse than musty smelling clothes or books, so they are becoming quite popular.

Most people are familiar with the small packets of silica gel that can sometimes be found in packaged goods such as shoes or electrical items. These crystals can also be used on a larger scale. It is not unusual to find a tub of silica gel wall mounted in a closet.

Other moisture absorbent substances also exist. Some are disposable, and once they have been used for a few weeks will need replacing. Most, like silica gel, can be reused. You simply need to heat the crystals to remove the water. Usually this is done by leaving them in the sun or putting them in the oven on a low heat, but manufacturers instructions may vary.

If you are looking to buy this type of dehumidifier, then you should look out for some that will change color when they need to be refreshed.

There are also a few electrical dehumidifiers coming onto the market that are specifically designed for closets and similar confined spaces. Installation is not difficult, though positioning a pot of silica gel will always be easier.

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