Wet Basement Dehumidifiers

If any room of your house requires a dehumidifier, it will almost certainly be the basement. A lack of ventilation often causes basements to be damp places. Improving air movement will help, but that is not easy if the room is full of boxes. It is usually easier to get a dehumidifier.

As basements tend to be much wetter than normal rooms, it is advisable to buy a very powerful unit. Some people would go as far as to say, "measure the room, then buy a dehumidifier designed to cover twice that area". Most dehumidifiers have variable speed settings, so buying an overpowered unit is not a problem. If on the other hand you buy one that is not capable of doing the job, you could always buy a second one later!

Although all dehumidifiers work in roughly the same way, there are many different shapes and sizes available. All the big brands will be happy to sell you their latest creations, each claiming that they are better than the rest. So how do you choose? The first thing to decide is how much power you need, based on room size and humidity. Then it is time to look at what features are available. These are detailed on a separate page (click here), but there is one feature that is particularly useful in the basement.

The problem that most people have with basement dehumidifiers is that they forget to empty them. If you have a floor level drain then you can buy a model that will never need emptying! Simply buy one with a hose attachment and the water will trickle down the drain without you having to lift a finger. This is a big time saver in the long run. If you are not fortunate enough to have drainage, then you will need to get into the habit of emptying your dehumidifier on a regular basis.

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