Aprilaire Dehumidifiers

Aprilaire dehumidifiers by incredibly popular, and it would be wrong to have an entire site on the subject without mentioning them.

For more than 50 years Aprilaire have been one of the world leaders in whole house air purification, air conditioning and humidity control. In fact, the 1700 and 1720 models can be found in an astonishing number of homes. Having one installed can be quite expensive, but the benefits are undeniable. Once they are up and running everything is fully automatic. They don't just reduce the humidity, they control it, and these machines can remove up to either 90 or 150 pints of water in a single day. A centralized system has the advantage of being out of sight, and by having very low maintenance requirements you will almost never need to think about it. All you have to do is replace the filters every now and again.

A whole house solution is not suitable for everyone. It has to be attached to your homes heating and cooling system, which needs to be compatible. If your dehumidification requirements are small, or isolated to a single room, and then you would probably be better with a cheaper portable unit from a different manufacturer.

To find out which model is suitable for your needs, you should contact your local dealer.

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